Willem Smuts

 Health Coach

   Cosmic-Bliss-Dance Facilitator

  Cell , WhatsApp, Sms: 0824581031

Email:  Wjsmuts@gmail.com

I work at the Naturally Yours Healing Centre above Weleda in Main Rd Bryanston :

Willem interview on YFM on Headaches and Hives Audio share page (fabrik.fm) April 2022


Willem is an Intuitive Healer using his sensitive connection to your Bodymind patterns to help you in your Life and your Health.  He also helps you to resolve situations that are preventing you to be in Presence. The modalities that he uses, apart from Intuitive processes, to help you with balance in your life and health are 

the BICOM Biofeedback electromagnetic computer as well as 

Distance sessions using Keshe plasma technology, 

the NES Health Scanner

the NAET Allergy System ,

 Hypnosis and Accupressure and 

he also facilitates Life Renewing Conscious Dance sessions,using Cosmic-Bliss-Dance .

Willem specialises in the desensitisation of  Allergies using the NAET System 

and also assists with General Health using Intuition, the NES Scanner  and 

the BICOM Biofeedback electromagnetic computer.

He also has a lot of experience in assisting with 

Chronic Fatigue, Yuppie Flu, Mononucleosis, CFS, Lymes Disease and Rickettsia.

He is also a

Cosmic-Bliss-Dance .


Fascinating Theory

We know from Physics that everything is Energy, everything has a vibration.  The same applies to our body, the Bones have the Lowest Frequency or vibration and the Ears and Eyes have the highest vibration.  So every organ and system in the body has its own frequency and by tuning in with these frequencies, and clearing irregular vibrations or frequencies, we can help to bring our system back into balance.

Scientists have recently verified that Meridians exist.  They put a low level electricity current through the Human body and mapped where the current flowed with the latest sensitive equipment.  They found that the electricity  always flowed through the same channels, and on further investigation they found these channels to be specialized nerve cells.  The revelation came when they compared these maps to the Chinese Acupuncture maps of what they call the Meridians-   THE MAPS WERE THE SAME!   So Science has now proven that what the Chinese and Indian Health Systems have been saying for more than 5 000 years is true.  We have energy channels(Meridians) running through  our system that conducts electromagnetic energy from the Sun through our system.   However these meridians can get blocked very easily by Trauma, Shock, Stressful emotions, Chemicals and allergens to name a few.  Both the NAET and Bicom treatment focuses on opening the blockages in the meridians in order to improve the flow of energy to and from our organs. Once our energy flow is better, the tremendously powerful self healing ability of the body-mind accelerates.
The Heart Maths Institute has found that 97% of the function of DNA relates to electromagnetic and energetic communication.  Treating the system with electromagnetic energy is therefore a far more of an effective therapy than chemicals on their own.

Our cognitive mind only functions for 5% of the day, 95% of the day we are functioning from our subconscious mind.  Therefore effective therapy needs to address the subconscious mind 

In order to change our Health, our behaviour and our life. The NES scan,  NAET and BICOM therapy are healing modalities  that  do just that!

The latest Biological research shows that it is your body's energy and information - not your genes and your biochemistry- that control your biology.

(See Where Mind meets Matter or read the Biology of Belief by Dr Bruce Lipton.)