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Ozonides are concentrated ozonated herb oils with powerful healing abilities, which contain Ozonides (Active Oxygen). In the body active Oxygen eliminates anaerobic parasites as well as over-aged, diseased or cancerous cells (instigating apoptosis). Ozonides transfer oxygen and change the environment in which anaerobic pathogenic germs live, making it aerobic. This prevents anaerobic germs, such as Fungi, certain Bacteria, Clostridia, Chlamydia and Parasites from reproducing and, in fact, kills them. The oil is surface-active and eliminates nests of fungi, bacteria, parasites and protozoans.

 Anaerobes such as oxygen-sensitive fungi, yeasts such as Candida, bacteria such as Clostridia, parasites and tumour cells can be controlled and their reproductive cycle stopped with ozonides as these biological species have no or only limited defence mechanisms against oxygen.

Ozonides helps to reduce all Anaerobic Mircrobes in ones body and helps a lot with Lymes, Rickettsia, Ebstein Barr Virus, Cytomegalo Virus, Parasites and Candida.

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