Health Guidelines:

1.       Eat Organic food as a first choice .  The Bryanston Organic Market is a good place to get your weekly vegetables Farm Chicken and Organic red meat  on a Thursday and Saturday between 9h00 and 3pm.

2.       Eat whole foods, not processed foods.  Refined carbohydrates , like cookies, biscuits easily lead to blood sugar problems.

3.       Look out for preservatives and chemicals on the labelling of packaged food.  The preservatives, chemicals and pesticides cause disruptions in the flow of our Body-mind.

4.       Keep away from Genetically Modified Foods, (GMO), they contain glyphosate  , a pesticide which accumulates in your small intestines, destroying your healthy bacteria.  The GMO foods also aggravate allergic responses.  The latest study show they cause massive tumours. Almost all soy, wheat and mielie products are GMO.

5.       Wash your fruit in a bowl of water adding a solution of 10% Hydrogen Peroxide to the water and let it stand for 10 minutes. The Hydrogen Peroxide (get from pharmacies, supermarkets) will clear the pesticides from the skin of the fruit. You can also use fruit and vegetable washes from health shops.

6.       All grains easily cause inflammation as they aren’t easily digested.  So bread , pasta, pizza, flour, rice products should be limited in your diet. 

7.       If your Lymphatic system is sluggish, stay away from the night shade vegetables: potato, tomato, aubergine, peppers (red, green, yellow).

8.       Deep Fried foods releases a lot of free radicals in the body, and the free radicals cause a lot of problems.  Stay away from fried foods.   Only use Coconut oil if you are pan frying food, as it can withstand high temperatures without breaking up into free radicals.

9.       Most commercial cold and processed meats are preserved with nitrates, and the nitrates cause free radicals in the body which attack our cells.

10.   Nuts and Seeds can be heavy on the liver and then you can feel tired.  Limit the nuts you eat. (salted  or roasted are no good .)

11.   Dried Fruits: Should be washed to remove all preservatives.  If you are struggling with your blood sugar levels, then avoid dried fruit. 

12.   Fruit/Veg. Juice:               Should always be freshly made or 100% unsweetened juice, without preservative.  Don’t have boxed or tinned fruit juice.(always dilute with water)

13.   Sweeteners:  Xylitol, Stevia, honey, Honey should not be used in any hot drink above 40 deg Celcius, then it becomes just like cane sugar.

14.   Salt: Herbamare , Trocomare or other herb/vegetable blended salts .

15.   Alcohol:  Max of one small glass of wine (red ) per day.

16.   Eat as much raw foods as possible, aim for 50% as a start. Where possible organically grown, unsprayed foods should be eaten. If unsure if it is organic, use 3% hydrogen peroxide solution to clear pesticides.

17.   All proteins are acid forming in the body and should be eaten sparingly.

18.   Animal fats and carbohydrates should not be combined at the same meal.

19.   Different forms of animal protein should not be eaten at the same meal. Don’t eat chicken and fish at the same meal.

20.   Chicken  should be from a farm where the chickens run around and select their own food. Get Farm chicken and organic meat at the Bryanston Organic Market, and Richenda Cole 0837754815 , and at the Braeside organic Butcher in Parkhusrt.

21.   Fish should be white fish, unless its river fish. The fish that eat other fish stand a stronger chance of containing Mercury.  Tuna stands a strong chance of containing Mercury.Most Salmon and Trout is now farmed, so eat it only occasionally.

22.   Most Commercial Beef is Grain fed, this kind of meat causes problems in the system as it isn’t a natural food for cows.  Eat only Grass fed Beef. See point 20 where to get Organic meat

23.   Commercially frozen foods lose most of their food value, eat fresh vegetables.

24.   Sweets containing only the allowed sugars and including allowed grain, nuts, seeds are permitted. Kasawa Milk, Nut milk, soya milk and rice milk, can be used to enrich recipes instead of cow’s milk..

25.   Plantaforce can be used as substitutes for stock cubes that contain M.S.G.

26.   Mineral, distilled, pure borehole if it isnt high in metals, or filtered water only for drinking and cooking.

27.   Use only stainless cookware e.g. glass, stainless steel, enamel or cast iron.

28.   Do not use aluminium cooking utensils. 

29.   Do not use microwave ovens. Don’t use Bluetooth in the car if you  get tired easily.

30.    Cell Phones should not be carried on your body, hold it away from your ear when calling,switch Wifi off at night.