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I studied  Hypnosis through the American Hypnosis Association in Los Angeles and I use it to help you have more functional programs in your Sub-Conscious Mind that can assist you with the quality of life and Physical Health you would like and to help you achieve your goals.


I also do a  very effective Stop smoking process.   The package consists of a telephone assessment session via telephone or Skype, as well as start-up info sent to you, then a week or two later, a 2 hour Hypnosis and Biofeedback session, followed by a follow-up session a week later.

Contact me before booking a session as you need to go through a preparation period for the session first, and there is material I need to send to you.  As part of the treatment, you get a CD and Drops to keep up your Bodymind's resolve to not smoke again.   

The Permanent Ex Smoker package is R 2 200, similar to what you would spend on cigarettes in a month, broken down as follows:

1.    The initial assessment of 30 mins,  This also includes information needed for you to start the process.

2.    The 2 hour Stop Smoking session , includes the energetically Charged Drops and a Stop Smoking CD which you take home with you.

3.    The follow up re-enforcement session of about 50 mins a week later.

The total package is R 2 200 for the 3 sessions, including materials.

Contact: Wjsmuts@gmail.com,  0824581031-Call, SMS, Whatsapp.

 See website at Hypnosis Motivation Institute. for more info on the Hypnosis method.