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Windrush - Place of Wellness


WINDRUSH – PLACE OF WELLNESS – Healing Centre, Home & Studio

Willem Smuts is the current caretaker of Windrush Studio

Venue Hire Contact Willem 082 458 1031 or Email Wjsmuts@gmail.com.

Off the Grid, Organic Garden, Conscious Community Centre, Small Holding, Forest, Studio and Home in Bloubosrand Johannesburg.

http://www.placeofwellness.co.za for Directions.


Windrush Studio

Windrush outside view

windrush circle
Windrush Pool Windrush


Venue Hire, Gardens, Weddings, Functions, Trainings, Studio, Dance & Year End Parties, Event Venue

Windrush is located at 1 Reiger ave, Bloubosrand, centrally located between Fourways and North Gate. Find directions or contact us.

Willem 082 548 1031

Windrush offers a beautiful venue in tranquil surroundings for your function. A spacious main room, hall like, is supported by a fully functional kitchen, breakaway areas and beautiful gardens

Discover the history of Windrush, which can be traced back to the 1930’s and 1940’s

Us, the current care-takers of this piece of earth, have been asked to tell you about this place….this ancient piece of earth with the spirit name: Windrush…

We have discovered so far that the earth here is supported by strong rock which contains and filters immense water forces. Apart from the river that runs at the front of this property all the water on the property is from a healthy and clean borehole source… and many fountains spring up during a wet rainy season… one sustaining fountain runs throughout the year…

A “Shamanic” vortex on the property draws many religious and different earth-centered groups & individuals to come pray and celebrate close to or on the property…

As the name suggests we are blessed with the cleansing and transformative rush and movement of air and water during all seasons.

Windrush History

The Windrush history can be traced back to the 1930’s & 40’s when the old farm house of this site was built by Italian prisoners of War and the name given to the piece of land…. The farm then stretched across the Klein Jukskei River to the front, sideways to Witkoppen Road and back across Bloubosrand – but its body was amputated by progress & development when sections of land were sold off.

When confronted by the political changes in the country during the 1994 elections, the house was abandoned for 5 years … but a couple from Zimbabwe bought the derelict house, and ±2.3 hectares surrounding it, and started a wedding & conferencing venue…initiating renovations of the house and gardens.

In December 2001, we the current care-takers, took over and it has been a truly transformative journey for us. From the start, it was clear that the land chose us to restore it further! For us, it was love at first sight, but friends & family thought we had lost the plot! Inspired by big dreams, we bought Windrush – which we could hardly afford – sacrificing a childhood property, dear to our hearts, in order to finance rebuilding and reworking a new idea, which would finally lead to re-establishing the name, and sharing the property with other people… After years of restoring the house into a family home, growing new family memories and developing a transformative site for cleansing, healing and growth it is ready to be shared – or should I say almost ready, as this is an endless work-in-process after all!

New dreams of creating a perma-culture space of love is has started its way to the earth, and we are looking forward to being able to live off the land and care for it in a more holistic way. So dear friends, if your intentions are clear and honorable, you are invited to come, to share in the bounty of the 4 elements of earth, fire, water and air. May your time with us be blessed .


Windrush Place of Wellness is the ideal healing centre. From groups to more intimate one-on-one sessions, we have the space to suit your needs.