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Testimonial January 2022

Willem, thank you so much for the miracle session with your Bicom computer which cleared up my UTI within a few hours. I've struggled with UTI's for many years, and have always had to resort to taking antibiotics to clear them up. I definitely did not expect to walk out of your session feeling so much better, I was amazed ! The very next day, the infection was totally gone. I did not expect that healing with a computer could be so effective for a UTI. Thank you for the wonderful work you do!

Fla Geyser

Testimonial (4 September 2010)


From my childhood, I have this vividly unpleasant memory of sitting in a doctor's room, with my forearms swollen after an allergy sensitivity exercise. It felt like I was allergic to everything – dust, cat hair, dog hair, horse hair, pollen, grass, feathers and bark. Even eating some fruit made me itch. At the time, I used to use a nasal pump (with small powder capsules) to alleviate my symptoms of sneezing, runny eyes and nose.


As I aged into my twenties the number of allergies seemed to reduce. And in my thirties I was chuffed that I was allergy free. But that situation changed. I started to become allergic in spring, up until the first summer rains. I took antihistamine tablets to alleviate my symptoms. But their effect was tailing off.


Three springs ago, these over-the-counter meds were pretty much ineffectual. This left me snorting and spluttering, having to resort to afternoon naps in a dark room to try and get some midday relief from the symptoms. Working at my PC and driving became tricky to pull off. And my roll of toilet paper never left my side.


Being the geek I am, and reluctant to visit a doctor and be prescribed even stronger drugs (with who knows what side effects) I resorted to googling for an alternate a solution. I stumbled across NAET and subsequently, Willem. (Note: He uses a mix of therapies, NAET being just one weapon in his arsenal).


The first day I saw him, I was a snotty mess. He did the initial assessment, unearthing a few new allergens and issues. Interestingly the feather allergy now manifested in an allergy to poultry protein. I also was sensitive to dairy, sulphur (which I encountered in preservatives in wine). I also had poor vitamin C absorption. All in all, he had his work cut out for him.


Three sessions later I had seen a MAJOR improvement - life was bearable again. And after another two sessions I felt well enough to make it my last session of the season.


It was almost like magic! I found myself less allergic than my wife – in situations like sweeping a dusty area, I was fine and she was sniffing.


The following season I got by with just a few antihistamines, but didn't feel the need to visit Willem.


This season, I had a change in my allergies again. I've been waking up at 4am sniffing with a itchy nose, and battling to fall asleep again. So I visited Willem yesterday, and I have great faith that there will be marked improvement again.


If you're at wits end with your allergies, I highly recommend giving NAET and Willem a try.


Brett Lewis (43)





27 September 2010


I have had sinus problems for most of my life but just ignored them and was convinced that I definitely did not have any allergies, until recently I started waking up in the morning with a swollen tongue which I was not concerned about until it was getting larger each time  and after two weeks of this, I landed up at  Willem’s practice.  

 After an initial assessment of finding about 15 different things I had an allergic reaction to, he treated me.  After the first two treatments my tongue had stopped swelling completely, and after about 10 treatments in total, my sinusitis had improved, tongue swelling disappeared, and  Willem had also assisted me in a better nutrition and lifestyle direction.    I would also recommend to continue going to Willem for “maintenance” every 6 to eight weeks, although this is not obligatory..

Willem is highly qualified and studies many facets of living a healthy and happy life, and I would highly recommend him to anyone who thinks they may or may not have allergies !


Jane Davidson


By the time I came into contact with Willem I thought I was a lost cause. I had had a fairly expensive blood test which had indicated that my system was shot-I was allergic to just about everything. My skin was a mess red, blotchy and in some places blistering and weeping.(i was as well  in frustration)-my joints were sore and painful and I was battling to walk without pain and it looked as if I was going to end up in a wheelchair. I felt as if insects were crawling under myskin-24 x 7 -I went to sleep itchy and woke up scratching-I battled to stay in the sun as my skin would instantly redden up-I was putting on weight and my strength was reducing.


Willem did his tests (lot cheaper) and confirmed that he had not had a patient with so many allergic reactions but "there is hope"-that was great news to me as my GP had stated he did not know where to start and had no advice to help me-he basically gave up on me. I had tried antihistamine and a course of steroids but no success-in fact the situation got worse.


It took a fair view visits but I could feel relief after a few weeks and after a year I was feeling great. I kept visiting for another year for a weekly session and my joint pain has gone, the signs of arthritis are no more my skin is 90 % clear and that irritating itch has gone away. I have improved my diet and drinking habits, my strength has returned and I am back in the gym and feeling vibrant again.


What a turnaround!!


With thanks


Stu Carr