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With this state-of -the -art  device your system is scanned within 30 seconds giving you a very detailed analyses of what is happening in your body-mind and where we should be focusing our treatment to get

 the quickest benefit.The scan show nutritional deficiencies, Sugar Imbalances, Acidity level, which Toxins need to be focused on, emotional patterns and blockages, the blockages in meridians and orientation to 

Life blockages.

Once a scan has been made, treatment happens via  Bicom Bioresonance therapy.

“Ask anybody what the physical world is made of, and you
are likely told matter and energy. Yet, if we have learned
anything from engineering, biology, and physics,
information is just as crucial an ingredient.”
Physicist Jacob D. Bekenstein

The New Science of
Information in Healthcare
How do cells and organs know what to do? What causes them to lose function? How can you assist them to
restore proper function so that the body can more easily recover its own self-healing capabilities?
By providing them with corrective information.
NES Health is based on one core principle—that energy and information control biology.
Frontier science is proving that there is a regulating field of energy and information that operates in the physical
body at the below-cell level. At NES Health, we call this the human body-field, and we have been researching
its functions and structures for nearly thirty years. We have found that the root causes of physical problems are
distortions and blockages in the body-field, which serves as a master control system for all physiological function.
The NES ProVision along with the NES Infoceuticals and NEStrition help correct these distortions, so that the
body-field and body can more easily—and naturally—return to normal function.

What is NES Health?
NES Health is the culmination of 30 years of research
into the body-field by Australian Peter Fraser, a
former professor of acupuncture and practitioner
of traditional Chinese medicine, and British visionary
and entrepreneur Harry Massey.
Fraser’s groundbreaking theory of the body-field
integrates physics, biology, and traditional
Chinese medicine. Growing out of that theory is
NES ProVision—a unique and powerful way to
address health concerns.
In his research, Fraser uncovered a system of dynamic,
structured energy and information fields that inform
the physical body, regulating physiology. This is the
human body-field. Fraser has been able to correlate
thousands of body-field functions to the physical
body, achieving the first true integration of ancient
Chinese medicine with modern biology, anatomy
and physiology.
For example, acupuncture and traditional Chinese
medicine tell us very generally that the Liver Meridian
has an internal channel that connects to the eye.
However, Fraser’s research is able to make incredibly
detailed correlations, showing in this case that the
Liver Meridian communicates only with the retina
and iris. It is this amazing level of specificity that sets
NES ProVision apart from any other bioenergetic