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Unlock Wellness with the Biophilia Tracker NLS Meta Therapy

Discover the future of holistic healing through our groundbreaking Biophilia Tracker—a revolutionary device developed by Russian scientists, inspired by Nikola Tesla's technology. This innovative device harnesses the power of light to enhance your overall wellness.

How it Works:

Immerse yourself in an extraordinary healing experience by donning our specially designed infrared light headphones. These headphones seamlessly connect to both the Biophilia Tracker and your computer.

The Biophilia Tracker transcends conventional healing methods by scanning your body to assess the level of light photons emitted by your organs. This process unveils whether specific areas are over or under stressed at a quantum level. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, it provides crucial insights into your body's state, pinpointing areas of stress, imbalance, and disharmony within your biology and body-mind connection.

Unlock Holistic Health Solutions with Willem Smuts

Empower Your Well-being through Allergy Testing, Desensitization, and Holistic Healing

Welcome to the realm of holistic health and wellness. Willem Smuts is your dedicated partner on your journey to vibrant health and vitality.

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Our Approach:

We combine cutting-edge technology with intuitive healing abilities to provide you with personalized care. Our arsenal includes the new revolutionary Biophilia Tracker, NES scanner, Bicom Bioresonance computer, and Willem's innate and intuitive healing expertise.

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Ready to embark on your journey to wellness? Contact Willem Smuts via WhatsApp or SMS at 0824581031 or email at Wjsmuts@gmail.com for an appointment.


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Above is an example of cross section image of your bodymind that the Tracker produces to assess your health and to help improve your wellness.