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is the balance that happens
When we fully embrace
Both our shadow and our light
And come to rest
In love

When we drop deep into the center of presence, every cell of our bodies gets infused with the eros of life. We smell the ambrosia of being. 
When we open to the full aliveness of our bodies, stillness arises of itself.

BlissDance was created by Shakti Malan as a free dance practice to deepen our embodiment of consciousness and true intimacy with life. Consciousness is the deep stillness, the vast space that is the ground of our being, beyond our existing stories about who we are. From this stillness, new life gets birthed in each moment. The dance is designed to facilitate a deep dropping into the present moment. This presence is the root of intimacy we develop in the dance - intimate presence with ourselves and with others, in movement and in stillness, music and silence. We find the authentic expression that comes from within. From the inside out, we let life dance us. We follow the breath. We follow the heartbeat of the earth pulsing through us. We rest in the amniotic fluid of being. We follow the spark of our bliss.

The dance space cultivates non-dual presence in the movement of our daily lives. It is an active meditation space. We learn to be present in anger as much as peace, jealousy and rage as much as tender love and passionate creativity. We dance our territory, and we dance into melting.

The Blissdance sessions are announced, so its best to contact me to hear when there is a session.  

If you are comfortable with interactive process dances and you are comfortable in moving in close proximity with other people, and have a bit of experience in the Conscious Dancing World, then these classes are for you.

Its at the Weleda Cosmic Studio, Cnr Culross Ave, Main Rd and Ealing , Bryanston.

Investment, Mondays  R 120 per class

Contact Willem Smuts 0824581031