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Willem has helped many people with Chronic Fatigue, Mononucleosis or Yuppie Flu and Rickettsia. He uses the German-designed Bicom computer to 

determine if there are indications of these conditions in your system.  He also uses it to back-up the allergy therapy with electromagnetic therapy. This 

therapy is very effective in detoxifying and assisting with Rickettsia, Borrelioses, Candida, parasites, pesticides and chemicals in the body. 

See www.bicom2000.com for more info. 

A painless, non-invasive therapy developed in Germany alleviating a multitude of ailments.

BICOM Bio-Resonance Therapy

About 8,000 doctors, specialists & alternative practitioners worldwide, who make use of this method, applaud the success of Bio-Resonance Therapy (BRT). Invented 20 years ago in Germany and further pioneered by biophysicists, this innovative & painless therapy 'retunes' the body on a cellular level without the use of chemical medications and without unpleasant, often toxic side effects. A recent statistical study of BRT effectiveness reveals that allergies were completely eliminated in 82% of the cases; 11% improved; 5% no change or relapse (attributable to deficiencies during therapy phase); 2% not assessable. Presently 25 of the major European medical aid societies compensate for this therapy. There are presently very few BRT machines in Cape Town.

Bio-Resonance Therapy receives & only uses each person's unique energetic information. Our cells, tissues & organs emit different frequencies of which some are healthy (harmonious) & others are unhealthy (discordant). The sophistication & refinement of this instrument lies in its advanced testing method to accurately pinpoint & identify the source of our physical problem. When this is established, the resonances are modified, the body is retuned & so-called 'incurable' ailments are cancelled out permanently.

It treats the body on a cellular level, with its own minutely individualized frequencies. The therapy patterns that are modulated through the Bicom device, resonate with the molecular pathological patterns, leading to a decoupling of the hydrogen bonds & the molecular cluster loses its previously stable configuration & oscillation intensity. Both acute & chronic problems are ameliorated, and the immune system is therefore re-activated & stabilized releasing toxins into the circulation where they are eliminated. The body's energetic information is simply received 

& con

veyed by means of hand-held & other electrodes.

 Medical view is quickly accepting that the interpenetrating electromagnetic 'resonant' field (being just a minute part of the entire electromagnetic spectrum of all matter) regulates the biochemical processes of the body. This is a unique holistic biological process, which not only assesses but also treats the body on a cellular level, with its own minutely individualized frequencies that are modulated to perform an extremely individual healing therapy.

Bio-Resonance Therapy has achieved astonishing results in :

  • Identification & elimination of candida
  • Toxic stress
  • Headache and migraine
  • Weight Loss
  • Nicotine Addiction & Detox
  • Mycotic and parasitic disorders
  • All types of pain
  • Neurodermatitis and eczema
  • Sport injuries
  • Metabolic diseases
  • Pre- and postoperative treatment
  • Cancelling environmental stress levels & energy blockages created by air pollution, radiation, noxious metals, electrical interference fields etc.
  • Harmonizing & boosting the vitality of the entire body
  • Allergies
  • Acute infectious diseases
  • Auto-immune diseases
  • Detoxification & raising the potency of the immune system
  • Chronically degenerative intestinal diseases
  • Chronically degenerative organic diseases
  • Rheumatic diseases
  • Gynaecological disorders such as cystitis, painful menstruation, hormonal imbalance
  • Immunodeficiencies of varied origin
  • Post-vaccine complications
  • Reducing the recovery period
  • Secondary viral disorders

The BICOM Bioresonance therapy is a gentle controlled oscillation therapy without any side effects stimulating the self-healing powers that can lead to recovery.
The human body emits different electromagnetic oscillations: cells, tissue and organs have each their specific oscillations. These single oscillations are in mutual correlation and influence each other. Together they form the patient’s entire oscillation spectrum, the individual oscillation pattern.
You can very well imagine that the oscillations of a healthy person have a different structure than those of a sick person. In the oscillation pattern of a sick person the oscillations of foreign substances stored in the body such as amalgam, bacteria, viruses, allergens, mycosis etc. disturb the normal oscillation pattern.
These disturbing electromagnetic oscillations are received and transferred to the BICOM device via electrodes placed on certain parts of the body. In the device these oscillations are changed and then returned to the patient’s body in the form of healing therapy oscillations. The body is never exposed to any kind of current.
The BICOM Bioresonance therapy considerably strengthens your own defence and self-healing powers.

Should you wish to investigate this subject matter further, here is the relevant website:-
It is the English section of the German website.