Cosmo Dance & Alchemical Arts Personal Development Process and Training 2017


This is a 2 year training in the style coined by Willem Smuts called Cosmo Dance based on and influenced by Biodanza and other dance styles with a more cosmic flavour. At the end of 2 years you will be qualified to run Cosmo Dance sessions. The first year is personal development which plays an important role in the understanding of Conscious dance and the second year will be facilitator training.

COST: Year One: R18 800 - Cosmo Dance Personal Development Course
including the dolphin retreat and supervision and mentorship by experienced dance facilitator and trainer, Willem Smuts and HPCSA registered, Drama Therapist, Amanda Gifford.
EARLY BIRD FEE: R17 000 if paid in full before 7th of February 2017.

Starts 25th Feb and ends Nov 2017.
1 x Saturday a month plus a dolphin retreat in October with 2 expert facilitators

Basic Frame Work: Training Year One - Personal Development - Awakening through Dance and the Alchemical Arts - Exploring expanded states of consciousness with Willem Smuts & Amanda Gifford 

Year Two will be specific facilitator training. Dates to be announced at the end of 2017 for 2018.

Amanda and Willem will offer an experiential year of creative discovery through dance, art and personal transformation and will lead you into an adventure around concepts that will initiate you into a multidimensional perspective of the dance of life and the process of awakening our spiritual fire to live a more expanded life.

Theoretical and Spiritual frameworks: The Spiritual Dance of Life 

We will go over basic ideas behind dance as well as introduce some of the spiritual principles involved in the Cosmo Dance Training such as Non Duality principles, Concepts in Quantum Physics, Bruce Lipton's Epigenetics, William Browns work with Unified Fields and the DNA, Alchemy for Personal Transformation and the Great Work. The Void, Zero Point, Mandalas, Music, Consciousness and Energy and the Nature of Reality, The metaphor of Alice in Quantum Land. The Labyrinth of Consciousness, the Tantric Weave of Life, Deep Nature, Frameworks for Awakening. Some of the basic ideas behind the transformational quality of movement will also be introduced such as body as the seat of the subconscious mind, the process of dance and de-armouring as well as the power of deeper multidimensional mind.

The Day will look something like this although organic and subject to change: Welcome Circle, Sharing Frameworks, Basics in Cosmo Dance, Constellating the Cosmic Unified Self, Dance the Awakening of the Cosmic Unified Self, Cosmic Awakening Art, Cosmic Lunch - food that awakens us ( super foods like Cacao), Discussion, Multidimensional DNA, Dance. 

Watch What the Bleep Do We Know ( Homework)

Date: Saturday the 25th February
Time: 9:30 - 5:30pm

Day 2: THE ALCHEMICAL ELEMENTS with a focus on FIRE: Prima Materia ( Alchemical term for raw material)

In this workshop we will be introducing the elements of conscious dance, learning how to allow the movement to move you and beginning the alchemical process of personal transformation with a specific focus around fire and identity. Amanda will explain the Emerald Tablet framework and how it fits into the personal transformation framework and then with Willem, we will be Dancing consciously into the 5 elements exploring the experience of each state and working with the alchemical blueprint of awakening. We will work with understanding the FIRE of consciousness, and how it can transform identity, thought, belief systems, windows of perception, the body and how dance, music and awareness can impact your awakening process.

Date: Saturday the 25th March
Time: 9:30 - 5:30pm

Day 3: WATER: Water and Sensuality: Dissolve into the water element, the water body, sensuality, emotion, sublimation through arts and movement. This will be an immersion experience with cosmic alchemy sessions using dance, arts, sacred cacao ceremony and the goddess ixcacao, music and awakening processes in the afternoon.
Date: Saturday the 27 May

Day 4: AIR In this workshop we will explore the element of air, giving space for sorting, separating the aspects of our experience to bring readiness for the next phase, playing with reality, lightness, breath, masculine, yang, spiritual warrior, the sword, the mind, time and space for life to unfold. Dance, Alchemy, Lunch, Discussion, Dance.
Date: 24 June
Time: 9:30 - 5:30pm

Day 5: EARTH: earth and trance - In this workshop we will be working with nurturing, being with life, letting go, surrender, coming into oneness, being in the absolute magic of the eternal now, manifestation, earthing, grounding, the alchemical marriage ( consciousness and energy), conjunction of masculine and feminine (where mind meets matter), the hieros gamos. 
Date: 29 July
Time: 9:30 - 5:30pm

Day 6: CHAOS & CREATIVITY: In this workshop we will explore the emergence of creativity ( Fermentation and distillation) through letting go of known forms and old ways of moving through life and embrace the renewal factors allowing chaos to be a catalyst for creative transcendence and awakening. We will be encouraging creativity as a practice for daily Awakening. This will be an integration module.
Date: 26 Aug
Time: 9:30 - 5:30pm

Day 7: ETHER & HOLISM: This workshop will focus on Integration of elements and will explore the 4 elements together creating balance from which the 5th element of ether ( holism) arises as being more than the sum of its parts. This is a day of transcendence and integration. We will explore the bliss aspects of ether as the binding element which unifies all aspects of life as LOVE. 
Date: 30 Sept ( this might be moved to Nov due to Dolphin Retreat)
Time: 9:30 - 5:30pm

RETREAT Module 8: DOLPHIN RETREAT: THE GOLD This is the final module of our training and symbolises the completion of 7 levels of alchemy and the 8th step being the final step which is the beginning of being able to give back. We will share the culmination of our discoveries in our personal alchemy which we can share through self revelation dance or self discovery performance piece exploring spiritual identity, transcendence and personal awakening from this course. Being with dolphins in the morning in the open ocean (not guaranteed) on the mornings of Friday, Saturday and Sunday; 
Date: 4 - 9 Oct 

The themes that will run through the course will be creativity, sensuality, identity, surrender to life, trance and the process of awakening. 

INCLUDED: Mentoring & Supervision: 

There will be 3 individual sessions with Willem for mentoring on dance processes, health and movement supervision during the course and 3 individual sessions with Amanda to be used for personal therapy, constellations and personal mentoring on the process. The first session will be at the beginning of the course, second when needed ( mid year recommended) and a third one at the end.

If you have no dance experience you need to get to a class at least 4 times before the start of this course. 


1. A feeling of wellbeing, rejuvenation and movement in your life.
2. An experience of dance and art as a tool for personal transformation - learning experientially through energetic embodiment of expanded consciousness.
3. Learning about Personal Alchemy ( Jungs work based on alchemy) and its links to your body, mind and souls journey and the process of awakening.
4. The Power of Conscious Dance as a tool for change and renewal.
5. Experience Drama Therapy, Constellations, Arts and other alchemies woven into the process of Awakening through Movement and the power of Integral learning.
6. Supportive environment to work on or discover more of yourself
7. Self awareness, self discovery, a feeling of greater emotional range, spiritual expansion and a sense of empowerment
8. Greater awareness of your body and the links to your subconscious mind and the pathways to health
9. Joy, Purpose and Peace
10. Like minded community
11. Awakening to Deeper aspects of Being
12. Enhanced creativity and tools to innovate.

Dance on Wednesday evenings with Willem
Its also recommended that you attend 2 workshops or Individual Sessions with Amanda ( Family Constellations or Personal Therapy) or Amanda and Willem in the course of the year.

READING: A recommended reading list will also be made available. 

(The Alchemist by Paolo Coelo, The Artists Way -Julia Cameron, Biology of Belief - Bruce Lipton, The Open Focus Brain, Dr Les Fehmi, The Untethered Soul - Michael Singer, The Red Lion by Maria Szepes, The Emerald Tablet - The Alchemy of Personal Transformation, Buddha Brats by Adamas ( available on kindle) and more...

INVESTMENT: R18 800 for the course (not including weekly Wednesday evening dance) 

R18 800 - Cosmo Dance Personal Development Course

EARLY BIRD FEE: R17 000 if paid in full before 7th of February 2017.


Willem 15 years of dance experience and has facilitated workshops locally and internationally for 10 years. He has a passion for Creative and Inspirational Group Transformation work through Free Flow, Conscious Dancing and his work includes aspects of theatre and performance. He was a Founder member of a Corporate Theatre Production company staging plays and corporate plays across South Africa in the 90’s. Since then he has been immersed in the powerfully explorative world of movement and inner movement through Conscious dancing for the last fifteen years and most of it as a facilitator. He is a Free Flow, Blissdance, Cosmo Dance and a Biodanza facilitator, using these modalities for Weekly classes, Workshops, Therapeutic Rehabilitation centres as well as Corporate Team Buildings Processes. Willem is also a holistic health coach specialising in allergies, chronic fatigue and general health. He uses quantum therapies consisting of Bicom biofeedback computer, NES scanner as well as reflexology and supplements. He has been in private practice in Bryanston for 16 years. Previous corporate clients include, amongst others, Bestmed, Bites Technology and the Johannesburg City Council, FNB.

Contact details: 
Cell phone: 0824581031 


Amanda has a Masters in Psychology and is one of twelve qualified and HPCSA registered Drama Therapists in South Africa, having completed her Masters in Psych. Drama Therapy with a Transpersonal Approach at the California Institute of Integral Studies (see in San Francisco in 2003. She has 15 years of experience in the field of awakening, therapy, personal development work, innovation, transformation, change consultation and corporate training. She has been on her own awakening journey for 20 years being a student of Ramthas School of Enlightenment and having grown up in a spiritual home has delved deep into the spiritual mysteries. She enjoys creativity and pioneering in the consciousness and transformation field. She draws from a wide various of thought innovation and leadership research. She is also a Systems Constellations facilitator and trainer. She has run workshops nationally and internationally including offering Executive Coaching, Communication, Voice, Leadership Training, Family Constellations, EQ Innovation, Personal Mastery and Business Constellations workshops. She has been in private practice for 10 years in Johannesburg. Corporate CLIENTS: Blue Moon, Voice Clinic, FNB, ABSA, OLD MUTUAL BUSINESS SCHOOL, Standard Bank, LIFELINE, ECHO, RHRU, and more.

Contact Details: 
Cell: 078 499 6472