Willem Smuts Allergy and Chronic Fatigue Sessions

Willem Smuts Allergy and Chronic Fatigue Sessions.

I can test your allergies without drawing blood and also do a systematic allergy desensitisation process for you.  
See this video on how I work.

I can also assist you with Chronic Fatigue, Lymes, Rickettsia, Coxsackie-, Ebstein Barr-, Cytomegalo-virus,  Candida, Parasites, Adrenal Fatigue, as well as Detox and Weight Loss.

I use the NES scanner, Bicom Bioressonance computer and Intuitive Healing abilities to assist you. 

Contact me, Willem Smuts on Whatsapp or Sms for an appointment.  0824581031. or 

Im in Cape Town - Kalk Bay available for appointments until 24 Dec 
and again from 3 Jan until 11 Jan in Bellville.

Rates as under COST AND DURATION

MAP to 246 Main Rd Kalk Bay.

246 Main Rd, Muizenberg